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0.8-1 Nov. 24, 2011

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Sends affirmative messages to the currently logged in users via the notification library. The affirmative messages are intended to boost the user's self-esteem by telling the user he or she is a great person, that someone loves him or her, etc.

The site-wide configuration file is found in /etc/cheermeup.conf, and may be overridden by each user by modifying the file .config/cheermeup/config in the users' home directories. The latter file is created when cheermeup attempts to send the very first message, which may take about an hour.

Known Limitations

Only a small number of quotes available.

No translations available.

Bugs and Support

See the cheermeup project page.


Ole Wolf <>

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2011 Ole Wolf. Released under the GPL v. 3 license.

Technical Details

The executable is a cron script that is run hourly. It selects a random line from the quotes database in /var/lib/cheermeup/, and sends it to all the logged in users who are running either gnome-panel or unity-panel via the notification library. The messages are sent every hour, or as often as indicated in the configuration file, /etc/cheermeup.conf. Users may override the setting by modifying the file $HOME/.config/cheermeup/config, which is created the first time the script sends a message to the user.

Additional Notes

While the use of positive affirmations is commonly believed to boost people's self-esteem, recent research suggests that positive self-statements cause negative moods in people with low self-esteem because they conflict with those people's view of themselves. When this happens, there is not a mere resistance but a reinforcement of the self-perception; people who view themselves as unlovable find saying that they are is so unbelievable that it strengthens their own negative view rather than reversing it.